Sunday, May 17, 2009

When In Rome...

So after a successful flight (full of great conversation and copious amouts of turbulence)... I am in Italy! It's so wonderful here... and really surreal. I look around, I 'read' the signs, but it's tough to accept that I'm here. That was until I saw the Colosseum today. It was so beautiful from the Tomb of Emannuel II.
I have met some great people so far... I have a feeling that the ladies of Canto De'Nelli #2 are going to be crazy fun!

L-R(Emma, Ellis, Me, Jessica) Ellis and Jessica are two of my five roommates!

Enjoying some wine out with the ladies in the Piazza of Historical Rome.

I am currently staying at the Hotel Della Torre Argentina... It's a really nice place... Here are some pictures of my hotel room:

View from front window

View from bathroom

Other then all that today I just spent the day eating delicious food, drinking delicious wine... and napping! But I took a few other pictures of the city, so I hope you all enjoy!


Cool Art!

The Piazza where we drank wine and watched fire!

A girl playing with fire... She was pretty Bad-ass!

Well, it's time for bed... Goodnight all! Tomorrow I am off on my Colosseum tour!

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