Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sassy Scoop Slappin' Florence


Yesterday (Wednesday) we drove 4 hours by bus to Florence. Our apartment is awesome. It's right on the San Lorenzo market (and the leather district). Every morning, (ha ha ha, the one that I've been here), I wake up and walk outside to see beautiful leather jackets (which 3 of my roommates just walked in from purchasing...). Plus we have this amazing deli next door, it's cheap and delicious!

Here is our living room

The view from our living room

My Bedroom (Jessica is sitting on her bed)

'My' Bathroom that is connected

Our Balcony

The view from our balcony

After moving in we had a delicious meal at the Hotel Bagolini which was phenomenal! There was spinach and cheese ravioli, chicken currey, mozzerella e pomodoro (moz and tomatos), cold rice pasta, mixed vegetables, and creme puffs covered in a liquid chocolate (it looked and tasted like BROWNIE batter!!!).

We then ventured to an Irish Pub (Old Stove Duomo) and I had one of the most delicious beers ever. Strongbow, it was an apple cider beer!

Today we did a scenic tour of Italy. We saw the oldest bridge in Florence, Ponte Vecchio. It is located in the jewelery district (in the 1500's it switched to housing jewelery rather then butcher shops because the Medici family wanted to see beauty when they walked from their palace across their private passage way to their offices in the city. This was the only bridge in Florence to survive WWII because Hitler had met with Mousilini once and walked across the bridge. He thought it was beautiful and loved the privacy, so when he took over Florence he ordered the German soldiers to destroy every bridge connecting Florence except that bridge).

On this bridge there is a gate that lovers will come to and lock a lock on to it with their names on them to symbolize that their love is true and will last. We also saw a huge statue of lips... I thought they were pretty awesome!

After seeing all of that we walked the streets and the Central market. It was awesome and I can't wait to go back and spend $$$$$money$$$$$! Other then that today was orientation... it was long and rather boring... and some how I am more confused about declaring my presence in this country then I was before. Oh well, I'm sure I'll figure it out.

I must get going though, we're off to buy some train tickets for this weekend! Our adventures are going to be splendid! I believe the plan is to go to Cinque Terre on friday (5 cities on the Mediteranean), Pisa and Lucca Saturday, and possibly Montepulciano/Sienna on Sunday (this is where New Moon (Twilight sequel) is being shot... on Friday of course, but I already have bookings to go to Cinque Terre then... Sad Day, hopefully they'll be there sunday still).

I'll try to post pictures as I get back to the apartment at night, but I may be really tired since I have to get up and do it again 3 days in a row... but it'll totally be worth it! Classes start Monday, and now that my schedule has been changed once again (I now have class from 12-7... icky!), I know what I'm doing... I hope!

I'll keep you all posted, I miss you guys! Ciao!

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