Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Photo Shoot, Photo Shop, Boboli Gardens

Good Morning Everybody!

I know I haven't posted in a few days, but classes haven't really been that exciting that they would warrant a blog. But now that I've completed my first assignment for Digital Photography, I figured I'd post the final result on my blog.

Here is my first photo... I thought that this was a pretty cool and unique photo just because of the contrast in shoes. So I made it black and white and made the shoes the only thing in color.

I did the same affect with this photo because I thought that the ties would look awesome in color.

After classes on Thurdsay we had our cooking class... We made some of the most delicious food. Gnocchi and Pesto, Penne and vegetables in a white wine sauce, and Strawberry/Melon Sorbet. It was so delicious and fun!

Our group rolling the gnocchi... Yummy!

This is our group with our wonderful chef Roberto (Rockin' Ragin' Roberto as he liked to be called). This would be the picture during which he looked at me and said 'Wow You're a Fit Bitch.' Oh ya... Good times!

On Friday we decided to stay in Florence and do the Florence scene. It's really nice because now I don't feel like I'm going to miss out on anything that is right here in front of my eyes everyday.

So you rub this boar's nose for good luck and wishes to come back to Florence. Oh ya, I rubbed the nose!

This is a picture from the Boboli gardens, this is right at the entrance to the gardens. My pictures don't even do it justice. It was so beautiful. We spent two hours walking around in it and I loved every minute of it.

This was an awesome structure that led up to more gardens that were beautiful, and when we got up to the top there was the most beautiful view of the country side which you can see in the picture below!

Here is the coolest structure that I found in the garden.

This is my dream tree. It had so much life and beauty to it!
Here is another portion of the gardens... :)
Here is a view of Florence from the Boboli gardens.
Here were some of the beautiful flowers from the gardens.
Today we are going to see David! I'm so freaking excited! Hee hee hee! But as promised here is the sneaky picture from the Sistine Chapel! :) I'm going to try and sneak a picture of the David today! I'll post more later! Ciao!

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