Monday, May 25, 2009

First Day Of Class... And I'm Tipsy

No cute pictures today y'all! (The y'all is comin' back because my roommate from LSU says it all the time!) Today was the first day of class for me and all I can say is that this will be the best 6 credits I've ever earned for college.
For those of you who don't know I'm taking Digital Photography and Wine Tasting: Wine and Cultures. So far, these classes KICK ass!
Photography is going to be so much fun. We have 8 assignments that will be critiqued, and then a final that shouldn't be too difficult. I'm really excited to start taking photos tomorrow. My teacher is so laid back, he really wants to emphasize the fact that each of us are unique and should find our own photography style.
My wine tasting class is amazing... I can't believe I'm getting 3 credits for it... I'd do it for no credit at all. Our class is structred by regions across Italy. Each day we will try 4-5 wines from a different Italian state and evaluate each wine. Today we were evaluating wines from the NW portion of Italy, in a state called Piedmont. The 4 wines we tried were: 2008 Gavi DOCG (White wine), 2006 Dolcetto di Alba DOC (Red wine), 2004 Borolo DOCG (Red wine), and a 2008 Asti Spumante (Sparkeling Dessert wine). These were SOOOOOO delicious (Gavi was my favorite).... they're like 45E a bottle wine... yummy yummy yummy!
Other then that today I went to the market with Lauren. I got a cartoon of strawberries for 1 Euro. They are so tastey... I love it! The market could be my new favorite thing... I am planning on going to the farmers market once I'm back in Manitowoc this summer.
Well, tomorrow is just class again... I'll try to update with my new wine selection tomorrow... Until then... Ciao!

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