Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I love pictures and I love wine

Today was a fun day! We actually started to learn how to work the manual portion of our camera. It was super cool! Bellow in the orange shorts is a picture of my teacher, Lorenzo. He's one of the most chill teachers I've ever met. We have an assignment to take 10ish pictures using the manual portion of the camera in the style of Elliot Erwitt. That basically means that we need to look for ironic, funny, and interesting scenarios to take pictures of.

Granted before I can take pictures like that... I must master the depth of field on my camera... Here is my first successful photo series.
In this picture you can see that both the plant and background are in focus... I had to achieve the second photo...
See here, the plant is in focus, but the background is not... woot! I figured it out... kind of... We'll see how my first photo shoot goes.
Todays wine class was super fun... We tried another 4 wines. One white, one light sparkeling red, and two other reds. On Thursday we're going on a surprise field trip... I wonder if it is to a family owned winery that April told me about! I'm so so so excited! Bellow is a picture of Lauren, Myself, and Darcy during our wine drinking class... Yummy!

So tonight we went out for Kebab's... fun fact... that's not what I was expecting to eat... I was thinking of Shish Kebab's... you know, meat and veggies on a stick... nope instead I got a gyro looking thing... It was pretty good, but not what I was expecting.

Well, that's enough for tonight... who knows, maybe I'll go out tonight... we'll see!

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