Monday, May 18, 2009

Historic Rome

We spent today touring historic Rome and all I can say is WOW! (Not just the beauty and architecture, but also the HEAT!) It is so hot hear, but the rules of the churches we go to see mandate that shoulders and knees be covered... Tomorrow when I visit the Vatican it's suppose to be hotter and Lord knows I must be covered there (ha ha, pun INTENDED).

But other then the heat it was such a wonderful day I can barely begin to describe it all. So rather then do it, I'll put up some photos (Only a few, I took 200 today). But real quick here is a run down of all of the places and things I saw today:

**Campo de'Fiori (The plazza from last night is actually named that and is a market by day and lively restaurant/bar area by night.)
**French Embassy
**The Brazilian Embassy (which used to be home to an early Pope, it was built next to an arena that no longer exists but the houses and palace still surround the shape of what used to be the arena)
*A fountain that was created in 1650 to represent all of the great rivers in the world (only 4 at the time, neither the Mississippi or Amazon were known)
**THE PANTHEON (This is the best preserved original monument in Rome, it contains all of the original marble flooring and walls, it is now a church to save it from destruction)
**A pillar with St. Paul on it that was dedicated to Marcus Aurellies (He was a character in 'The Gladiator)
**The Roman Police Headquarters
**St. Ignazio Church (This is the where the Jesuit church was discovered)
**Trevi Fountain (An original aquaduct that runs through the city, used to be the main and cleanest source of water)
**The Tomb of the Lost Soldier (which is where the Statue of Emmanuel is)
**A temple that was built to honor Hercules
Today has been exciting and busy, it's a lot to take in but I am LOVING IT!


Trevi Fountain and all of my housemates (Me, Jessica, Ellis, Lauren, Alyssa, & Katie)

Arc of Constantine


Here is a photo I played with a little... I personally think the Colosseum looks AMAZING in it now!

So that's it for today, I'm pretty sure I'll be having some more adventures seeing how it's only 4pm right now, so there will be much more tomorrow! Ciao!

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