Sunday, June 7, 2009

Florence Sunset, Lake Garda, Venice, Verona, Valpolicella Winery Tour

Where to begin... I guess I'll start with this past Thursday night!
So after a week of class and before our weekend trip to exscursion to Venice, Verona, and Lake Garda, my roomies and I took a sunset walk to a bridge, and then took pictures of the Ponte Vecchio at sunset. It was so breath taking!


After the beautiful sunset Thursday night, we had to get up super early Friday morning to drive 3+ hours to Lake Garda and the peninsula of Sirmione. When we got there we took one of the craziest boat rides ever around the peninsula. Our driver got pissed at the other boaters and started doing loops, flying up over waves, and rocking from side to side to the tune of 'Barbie Girl,' needless to say it was a blast! The next few photos are from Sirmione and they are beautiful!

Castle in Sirmione

Down the river/moat that surrounds the castle

The view from the other side of the castle and the surrounding peninsula, it was beautiful (I have many more photos)

One of the board walks where people relax

A really cute beach front!
A view from the paddle boat we rented for 30 minutes. We paddles along part of the peninsula, over to where the Hot springs began, and you could tell when you got there because of the strong sulfur smell (needless to say I geeked out and felt like I was back in Aquatic Microbial Ecology).
After Lake Garda that night we went to this cute city about 15 minutes away from our hotel. I believe it was by Long Porte. It was such a beautiful night and walking around this city was a picturesque.

This was another wonderful adventure. To see a city built in marsh land and supported with logs that is divided into 118 little islands and connected by water channels was awesome. We actually had the opportunity to see 'high tide' in Venice, and the roads would flood, right into the stores and no one seemed to notice or care.
The view of the islands on the way to Venice.

Venice from our boat that brought us from the main land.

A view of the water ways through Venice.

The Bridge of Sighs. This bridge is the only enclosed bridge in Venice. This is the bridge that lovers pass under and will kiss beneath in Gondola for good luck, granted this bridges history is not truly romantic. Convicts when convicted guilty in court would cross over this bridge into the jail, and it's called the bridge of sighs because this would be the final look for some convicts at Venice, therefore they would... Sigh.

This is the Church of St. Marco
This is the 'Big Boss' clocktower. It is the tallest tower in all of Venice.

This is the famous Rialto bridge.

Here are the famous gondolas of Venice!

Venice is sinking as many people know, about 4cm every 100 years. And as you can see the clock tower that is in the background of this photo is sinking and actually leans and has for many many years.

Today we visited Verona, the city of the famous lovers Romeo and Juliet. This was by far one of my favorite, if not my most favorite place that I have visited in Italy. It was so beautiful that I can hardly even describe it. Verona was originally founded 100 years BC. It survived the Roman rule, Charlamange, and the switching of states and regions of Verona.
This is the 3rd largest Arena in Italy. It was once used for the Gladiator fights and is now used for Operas and Jazz festivals. It's basically a mini Colosseum.

These are the original Roman arches to enter the city of Verona, there were originally two sets of them, but one crumbled in the 15th century I believe.

Here is a modern sculpture that I thought was awesome.
This is a sign that says 'Romeos House!' Romeo and Juliet did not actually exist, though the Montague and Capulet families did exist in Verona and they did actually hate each other because they were members of different political parties.
A famous line from Romeo and Juliet that is posted outside of Romeo's house.

Romeo's House
A beautiful Palazzo and staircase. This is the tallest tower in Verona and contains the two most important bells in Verona.

Here is the market square of Verona
Here is the house of Juliet Capulet.
Another famous quote from Romeo and Juliet that is placed bellow her famous balcony.
JULIET'S BALCONY!!!!!!!!!!!!
The statue of Juliet bellow her balcony. This is a 'Good Luck For Love' statue, and to be graced with this good luck you must rub her breast. Oh ya baby!
So I did!
We went to this beautiful winery that was between Verona and Lake Garda.
This is the back of the beautiful winery
Here are the wonderful vineyards that produce the delicious wine we tasted!
This is the entrance to the villa that is on the vineyard land. I loved it... you can even book your wedding there... Hmmmm...
So as you can see it was quite a busy weekend. I have over 600 pictures from this weekend, and I could have taken more! I hope you enjoyed this, I know I haven't updated for a while, but I will be updating at least once more before I go on my adventure this upcoming weekend to the Amalfi coast and Pompeii!
Until then, Ciao!


  1. beautful blog,i been in all this places in italy and more,but you write and photo with lot of passion ,so i wish to came once more in siena,vicenza,cortona or urbino my favorite places on apenine penisnula

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    as it italy a birthplace of civilisation as we know it,balcan peninsula is full fo life,with mix of culture,religion and music and croatian coast is most beautifull on mediterannian sea with beaches.

    if you need a guide,just call me.

    Kris,from Zagreb

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