Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Digital Photography Class

Awhile ago I said that I would get around to posting some of the photos that I've been working on and taking in my digital photography class. Today I decided that I should post some since I have nothing to do in class until I take photos in my apartment tonight. I've separated each set of photos into the assignments/projects that I used them for. I will also explain what I was trying to do and what not. Some of them aren't that impressive, but they worked for class and I liked some of them. I hope you all enjoy them! I really tried to do some decent work!


This assignment as it sounds was based on taking photo's of others. As a photographer I had to build a connection with those I was photographing... Thank God for roommates!

Here is a beautiful picture of Lauren that I took in the Boboli Gardens.

This is a beautiful picture of Ellis as she posed for me at sunset on our balcony.

This was one of my teachers favorite portrait photos, and the one that I have printed off to hand in for a grade. I liked the balance, color, and emotion that was conveyed in it.
I pretty much just love this photo of Ellis! She's so fun! One of the best model's EVER!

This assignment also doesn't take too much explination. As a photographer I had to become close with the camera and really learn how to manipulate it's settings. I took all of these photo's myself using a self timer, lamps around the house, and outdoor lighting. It was a blast and really helped me gain an understanding of my camera.
I really liked this photo even though it is not one that I turned in for this assignment.

This is a photo that I took of myself on our roof... Yes, yes I know, I'm bad it's dangerous... I've heard it all... But it is a pretty cool photo!

As you can tell these are the same photos... but today in class I was working with the 'Model, High Key' function... I liked the results... granted I still haven't decided which version I like better... Black and white or color... What do you think?
I just really enjoy the technique of making things black and white and leaving certain things colorful... Plus this is a quick glimpse of a dress I bought...

The essence of this assignment was to capture the life of the streets, the emotions on people's faces, the ironic situations life produces, and how we as a community are all collected.

This was a photo I called the sneaky transaction... because right after I caught this photo, the cops showed up... Oh ya... I rocked it!

The Gypsies here in Italy follow you around kissing at you, and she was kissing at this little girl. My teacher loved this photo because of the connection between the pink/red of the little girl and gypsy, as well as the couple in the background that appears to be viewing this situation. Interesting, huh?

Self-explanatory?! Landscapes... Yup!

This is a lighthouse off the Island of Capri. I made the sky more blue and the grass on the cliff more green... Oh photoshop! A sunset from the Piazza del Michelangelo in Florence. You can see the Ponte Vecchio across the river... Beautiful!
Capri's beauty! I pretty much did nothing to fix this photo... My teacher liked it because of the 'S curve' and color contrast.

This photo shoot we were supposed to act like reporters and report thru photos about this garden... we could pick any topic we wanted (I picked people, granted I did both people and flowers when I shot photos). I picked the people because I felt as though you would get a better feel of what the garden was like based on who was there and what they did there. I only posted one photo because it wasn't the most interesting photos I've taken... but still note-worthy.

This little girl was so cute and she played on the jungle gym like an angel. I'm sure her mother thought I was a creeper!

This photography is based on making tiny things look large... Hmmm.. those of you with a dirty mind, clean it up! I actually really enjoyed this because it was something very different for me to do.

These are fresh strawberries from the market. Notice how large the strawberry seeds look as well as the contrasting colors (red and green). I love shooting photos in the market!

This one was really cool and my teacher liked it because he felt as though it told a story. He said his favorite part of this picture were the scratches on my gold ring because you can tell that I wear it all the time and love it dearly. Which is true!

Well there we go. That's what I have so far... I'll post more photos later, but I just wanted to give you all a taste of what I've been doing over here in Italy besides traveling and drinking wine! I actually have worked hard and learned some things! Love you all! Ciao!

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